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Sandblasting Equipment for Contractors

Military Vehicle Maintenance with Sponge-Jet

Corrosion, Coating and Surface Preparation Training, Scholarship Opportunity

5 Keys To The Best Surface Preparation

Bronze Restoration on the USMC Memorial

Dust Suppression for Abrasive Blasting

Chrysotile (White Asbestos) Found in Coal Slag

Concrete Restoration at the Guggenheim Museum

Marble Restoration with Sponge-Jet

Abrasive Blasting inside Cofferdams

Fire Damage Restoration of Wood Beams

Silica Dust Suppression with Sponge-Jet

Sponge-Jet Blast Room Integrations Continue, less KwietKave Sound-proof Blast Rooms

Sandblasting vs. Abrasive Blasting

How to Remove Paint from Brick

Corrosion Control with Abrasive Blasting

PPE for Sandblasting, Abrasive Blasting and Sponge Blasting

Cleaning Tanks with Abrasive Blasting

Historic Restoration at the Breakers Mansion

Concrete Restoration using Sponge-Jet

Beryllium and Abrasive Blasting

Taking a Closer Look at Magnification

Sponge-Jet Used at Food Processing Plant to Remove Salts, Grease, and Corrosion

Architect of the Capitol Celebrates the Completion of the U.S. Capitol Dome Restoration with Sponge-Jet

Respirators and PPE aren’t the only tools to limit exposure risk

Historic Restoration of Government Buildings

Coating Removal and Substrate Preparation on Historic Window Frames and Casings

Tools for Measuring Surface Profile

Abrasive Blasting with Sponge Media in Combustible Environments

Sponge-Jet Robotic Railcar System Featured in JPCL Magazine

Sponge-Jet Updates Sponge Media™ Packaging

Sponge-Jet Cleans the Old Face of Longfellow (Granite Restoration)

Abrasive Blasting in Hazardous or Explosive Environments with Sponge-Jet

Restoring Engine 19 to a Well-Oiled Machine

A Deadman on a Jobsite?

Abrasive Blasting Training at Sponge-Jet’s Global Technology and Training Center

Introducing the 470 Contractor-Grade (CG) Sponge-Jet Feed Unit™

What is Abrasive Blasting Media?

Granite Stone Restoration is possible with Sponge-Jet

It’s Corrosion Week for Sponge-Jet Customers and Prospects

Stone Restoration with Dustless Sponge Blasting

General Sherman Rides Again; Sponge-Jet, Guilder’s Studio and Caruso Painting Restore US Monument

Blast to the Past; Sponge-Jet technology helps Return Burnt Coat Harbor Lighthouse to Glory

Dustless Blasting, Low Dust Blasting and Sponge-Media™

Sponge-Jet is Attending the Marine Industry WorkBoat Show

SSPC-PA 9 Paint Application Specification Update

Duluth City Hall Gets “Deep Clean” with Sponge Media

OSHA: Sponge is “Alternative, Less Toxic Blasting Material"

CoatingsPro Surface Supplement; Positions Sponge-Jet - One of few for Concrete & Steel

Sponge-Jet Launches Eight New Products; Including New Feed Unit™ Line

The Society of Protective Coatings Launches its New AB 4 Standard

Proceed Cautiously when Replacing Blasting Abrasives with Hand-tools or High-Pressure Water

Sponge-Jet INFOCUS in Latest PCE International

Because of Penoco/Sponge-Jet, Penn State's Palmer Museum Tiles of Death Are No More

Sponge-Jet Solves Potential Costly Challenge at Queen Mary Pumping Station

NASA Reports: Sponge-Jet Blasts Off as “Superior Technology”

Midwest Research Institute Reports: Sponge-Jet Alone Like Using Containment

Dust Control: Reducing Health Risks Associated with Abrasive Blasting

SSPC Launches AB 4 Standard; Supports Use of Sponge-Jet “Recyclable Encapsulated Abrasive Media”

Sponge-Jet is Key Part of New “Sustainable Commissioning” Process

SA3/Sponge-Jet Have Message for French Corrosion Engineers

Journal of Architectural Coatings Re-runs Article on Historic West Virginia Courthouse

Sponge-Jet Relocates; Expands Training and Technology Center

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