Overview of Sponge-Jet Feed Units™

Choosing the best Sponge Media Feed Unit can seem like an intimidating task. Sizes, features, and portability vary between models, but they all do the same overall task of mixing blast media with compressed air for abrasive blasting. Some units like the EX product line are for use in potentially combustable, flammable atmospheres, while other units like the Rasp Xtreme and the 100-HP are optimized for portability. 

See below for a video overview of our Feed Units with Ed Zaharias, one of our Senior Sales Managers. In this video, Ed explains some of the features and benefits of the different Sponge-Jet product lines, as well as an explanation of our integrated systems - "full service" blasting equipment that incorporates vacuum recovery and automates the recycling process. 


Feed Units covered in the video can be found here:

Integrated Systems can be found here:

As described in the above video, Sponge-Jet Feed Units come in the following product lines:

Rasp Xtreme: The most mobile of the Sponge-Jet feed units. This unit can fit through doors or manways as small as 24 inches, can be transported in the trunk of a car, and has many of the same features as a full sized Sponge-Jet blast pot. This is the smallest pressure vessel in the Sponge-Jet fleet.

The Rasp Xtreme is typically used to demonstrate the Sponge Blasting process, check production rates prior to a larger project, or touch-up and repair. Its blast time of only 5-10 minutes would require frequent refilling on any project requiring extended blasting.

100-HP: One of the most versatile pots in the fleet. This Feed Unit can be used for projects big and small, but will require more frequent refilling than bigger units in the SJ and CG line. The size of the 100-HP and its wheels allow it to be maneuvered up stairs or through standard sized doors. This Feed Unit has the ability to control blast pressure and media feed rate.

170SJ/470SJ: The SJ Sponge-Jet Feed Unit line offers the blast pots with the most features built with blasters and other workers in mind. The 170SJ and 470SJ offer contractors the ability to turn blast pressure up or down directly from the pot, without having to go to the compressor. The SJ product line also allows for the adjustment of media flow, helpful in restoration or precision blast applications. 

Other features include a certified lifting frame for easy equipment staging, a pressure relief valve, an exhaust muffler, and high quality caster wheels for moving the unit around the equipment area.

170CG/470CG: This “Contractor Grade” equipment has less features than the SJ line, ideally suited to blasting contractors that blast at high pressure, all of the time. This bare bones blast pot has fork pockets to maneuver the pot, and does not have the lifting frame and casters that come standard on the SJ line. As with the SJ line, these Feed Units come in 170 Liter and 470 Liter sizes.

170EX: A very specialized blast pot, the 170EX is an ATEX Zone 2 certified blast pot for use in potentially flammable atmospheres. ATEX Zone 2 is defined as a hazardous area classified as an atmosphere where a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor or mist is not likely to occur in normal operation, but if it does occur, will persist for a short period only.

This unit is designed to dissipate static electricity built-up and has other spark reduction features. This model comes with a stainless steel lifting frame, and has casters for maneuverability.

Integrated Systems: Integrated systems can be delivered in pre-configured systems, such as our BVAC-Pro4, which includes a feed unit, media recovery vacuum, recycler system, and media storage hopper. Alternatively, units can be custom engineered by our team to meet your blasting needs. Custom options include continuous blasting, multiple blast nozzles, and can be built to support automation or robotic blasting.



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