CoatingsPro Surface Supplement; Positions Sponge-Jet - One of few for Concrete & Steel

The recent release of Coating Pro’s annual Surface Preparation Supplement, calls out many solutions… but few effectively achieve the abrading and profiling of steel - and the cleaning, abrading and profiling of concrete. Take a minute to catch up using this concise snapshot on what’s new and happening in the industry. If you don’t have the time, below are some key points…

  1. Improper/inadequate surface preparation accounts for 68% to 83% of all coating failures.
  2. Some surface preparation solutions can effectively clean the substrate of contaminants and remove coatings while others can effectively profile substrates. Critical to coating life is achieving both the specified profile AND the specified level of surface cleanliness.
  3. Author, Jennifer Frakes recognizes recent trends; one of which is adding water injection systems to assist during the cleaning process and also to control dust from abrasive fracturing - but due to the scope and size limitations of the article, it does not address the complications from adding moisture to the substrate.

This article is a great illustration how many manufacturers in the surface preparation marketplace are adding water, adding chemicals, adding vacuum heads and shrouds during abrasive blasting to make the process more safe, controllable, effective and efficient.

Sponge-Jet is one of few the abrasive technologies that is equally efficient and productive at profiling steel - or cleaning and profiling concrete. Sponge-Jet composite abrasive particles include industrial sponge - rather than the water, chemicals, shrouds and so on - to reduce the negative characteristics commonly associated with ordinary abrasive blasting. It’s inherently a clean, dry, low dust and low rebound abrasive solution. Sponge-Jet has actually achieved, for the past two decades, the benefits its abrasive counterparts have been now trying to achieve for the past few years – and without water.

Click here to review the article; see pages 10-17 and 38.

Clean here and then click "play" to learn more about the dust-suppressive qualities of Sponge Media abrasives.

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