Sponge-Jet is Attending the Marine Industry WorkBoat Show

It’s becoming increasingly more apparent that companies in the commercial marine space, specifically shipyards, dry docks, and other industrial marine manufacturers are in major need of increasing their ROI while simultaneously decreasing production and repair time. That’s why Sponge-Jet is attending the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our goal is to continue to bring our knowledge and experience working with manufacturers around the world to an industry that is just as global. Our engineers and blasting specialists have seen the same inefficiencies in countless factories, shipyards, and naval facilities. With minor adjustments to the process, large sums of money can be saved.

We are creating the Marine Manager Checklist Series – a monthly checklist designed for management teams in the manufacturing and marine industry. In many cases, savings can be found, and margins widened by following these guidelines.

This month’s Marine Manager Checklist Series covers industry best practices of using compressed air. Click below to download “How to Use Compressed Air More Efficiently.”


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