4 Key Benefits of Robotic Abrasive Blasting

As contractors and facility managers look for ways to save money, reduce waste, and increase worker safety on abrasive blasting projects, robotic abrasive blasting is becoming more prevalent. Robotic blasting allows for precise control, high productivity rates and reduced abrasive media consumption compared to manual blasting. In addition, robotic abrasive blasting is a safer alternative to manual blasting.

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Cleaning Tanks with Abrasive Blasting

Every manufacturing facility and production plant around the world have tanks on their property. These tanks contain a number of different things - some tanks contain liquids like water used for cooling, while others store waste from the manufacturing process. Some tanks hold finished product in the form of liquids or gas. All tanks are built to meet specifications created to prevent tank ruptures. Unfortunately, a tank can perfectly conform to design specifications and still be affected by corrosion and coatings failure. Over time corrosion can lead to structural or tank wall failure creating both an environmental and safety impact. 

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Sponge-Jet Robotic Railcar System Featured in JPCL Magazine

Jim Molnar, Chairman of the Mechanical Association of Railcar Tank Services (MARTS) and industry-expert, Ed Zaharias quickly preview Sponge-Jet Robotic tank car cleaning technology along with other industry updates in the latest issue of JPCL. The article notes “encapsulated media blasting” aka Sponge Blasting technology as a way to increase productivity in rail coatings and lining facilities. Both Sponge Media™ abrasives and the Robotica™ tankcar robot are highlighted.

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