Abrasive Blasting Training at Sponge-Jet’s Global Technology and Training Center

Every great business looks to maximize efficiency. Efficiency keeps costs down and increases profit margins. One way to increase the efficiency of workers is through training. This is especially true in the industrial coatings industries (which includes surface preparation). As industry leaders retire, insight and experience can be lost. Training can help combat this loss of wisdom and knowledge. This is why Sponge-Jet built a Global Technology and Training Center at our Newington, NH Headquarters – just an hour north of Boston. Training courses offered at Sponge-Jet range from internationally accredited NACE and SSPC classes to certified training programs on Sponge-Jet abrasive blasting.

Training doesn’t just improve worker efficiency and productivity - training can also improve job site safety. While Sponge-Jet’s blasting process is typically safer than ordinary blasting, there are safety risks with any active construction project or job site. Abrasive Blasting Training creates a familiarity with equipment like “deadman safety systems” and also instructs on the benefits of ear and eye protection. Proper use of equipment is one of the biggest risk reducers in the industry. Sponge-Jet expert-instructors foster a safe environment where individuals or groups can train on blasting equipment without the inherent risk of an active construction site, or critical path deadline pressure.

Abrasive Blasting Training is often overlooked by companies. Many contractors rely on their blaster’s visual assessment of a surface to determine surface cleanliness. This can be challenging with many abrasive blasting products due to the dust released during collision between abrasive and surface. While Sponge Media limits ambient dust and thus increases the blaster’s ability of real-time visual assessment of the surface being blasted, standard  surface inspections by NACE or SSPC certified inspectors are often very helpful in meeting a specification.

Sponge-Jet custom training programs cover everything from the basics of blasting and coatings to advanced technical theory. Training is modified based on the knowledge and experience of the person or group. If a person or group has more advanced subject-matter expertise, both the pace and the syllabus can be tailored for a better fit.

Why participate in abrasive blasting training at Sponge-Jet? Our Global Technology and Training Center is equipped with several amenities including:

  • Instruction-based blast rooms and simulated job staging sites
  • Multiple paint booths/rooms
  • Educational displays of non-Sponge-Jet industry solutions
  • Full buffet kitchen seating 75+ people
  • Outdoor dining patio
  • Multiple ADA-compliant bathrooms
  • Elevator/lift with full handicap access
  • Intermediate Presenter/Speaker Rooms
  • Laptops, data-projectors and A/V equipment
  • Guest-exclusive wifi (with fiber-optic internet connection)
  • Complimentary classroom supplies (e.g. podiums, white boards, pads, pens, easels)

For more information on Sponge-Jet On-Site certified training programs, click here.

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To view the schedule for Sponge-Jet hosted NACE, SSPC or other third-party classes, click here



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