Sponge-Jet Solves Potential Costly Challenge at Queen Mary Pumping Station

Sponge-Jet was recently used to remove paint and corrosion on three centrifugal water pumps. Read this article to see how Sponge-Jet saved the facility service team further dismantling and transport (time/money) of the pumps while protecting nearby equipment from damage and dust. Sponge-Jet Silver 16 Sponge Media™ abrasive was ultimately used to refurbish the pumps in place, creating a 100-micron (4-mil profile) and an Sa2.5 (NACE 2 / SSPC SP-10) finish.

“Sponge-Jet low dust abrasive blasting technology made it possible to prepare the surface of the pumps in situ,” offered one project official. No other abrasive technology is offering such a remarkable set of value… (1) Satisfying the coating specification, and (2) allowing engineers to streamline the most challenging part of the project – ultimately saved costly downtime and additional resources that might have been expended otherwise.

Click here to view the publication/article (see pages 38-40).

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