Corrosion, Coating and Surface Preparation Training, Scholarship Opportunity

The Sponge-Jet Global Training and Technology center has published its 2018 Third-Party class schedule which features a broad range of accredited classes from leading industrial trade associations like the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE International), The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) and committee meetings which include the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Offering over twenty classes each year, there is something for every level of expertise relating to industrial coatings, corrosion and surface preparation.

With continuously changing technology, regulations and best-practices, these classes keep employees and employers competitive, relevant and up-to-date. The Global Technology and Training Center accommodates multiple events through a variety of classrooms, blast and paint rooms, as well as a large equipment demonstration area. Main conference, testing and exam rooms are also available for custom-tailored Sponge-Jet training when desired. The facility is equipped with…

  • Full buffet kitchen and outdoor patio seating 100+ people
  • Multiple ADA-compliant bathrooms and elevator with full handicap access
  • Intermediate Presenter/Speaker Rooms
  • Laptops, data-projectors and A/V equipment
  • Guest-exclusive, fiber-optic connected wifi
  • Complimentary classroom supplies (e.g. podiums, white boards, easels, pads, pens)

Sponge-Jet recognizes that proper, accredited training promotes safe and efficient operations increasing the chances of project success over failure. Over the past three years, in support of education, the organization has offered over twenty class-scholarships - and will continue to do so throughout 2018 to those who stay connected. To be eligible for Sponge-Jet Scholarships, fill out the form below:


“The NBPI training I received this week was extremely informative. I recommend all personnel who work with coatings/surface preparation to enroll in this class.” - Student

"The facility and staff at Sponge Jet are beyond reproach. The employees are so very kind. Every need of the student and instructor is attended to very promptly. The graciousness of Sponge-Jet in providing drinks and treats throughout the day and lunch sometime during the course is a special and unique perk." - Instructor, Mark E.

“One of the best training facilities I’ve ever been in! Southern hospitality and amazing local seafood!”
- Instructor, C. Lovelace - The Lovelace Group

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