How Boston's Longfellow Bridge Was Reborn

The historic restoration of Boston's Longfellow Bridge is now complete! The large-scale granite restoration project included onsite blasting by United Stone, as well as dismantling the bridge’s iconic Rockport granite “salt and pepper” towers piece-by-piece, and then transporting them to nearby workyards in Charlestown via barge for offsite restoration. The now pristine towers were reassembled using a mix of modern and historic construction technology. Skilled masons at United Stone were able to clean ornate granite carvings as well as the large granite blocks using the same equipment and media.

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Marble Restoration with Sponge-Jet

Marble Restoration is a task frequently faced by masonry and historic restoration contractors. Marble has been used in buildings and structures for millennia dating as far back as the ancient Greeks in the 7th century BCE. Marble mining remains a global industry with quarries spanning across six continents. As marble has been used for centuries as a building material, many buildings and structures around the world contain marble that is showing its age with discoloration and staining.

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Silica Dust Suppression with Sponge-Jet

OSHA's Final Rule to protect workers from silica is now in effect. Companies that clean, restore, or prepare concrete and stone now have a greater job site responsibility related to respirable crystalline silica that becomes airborne during this process. In their Final Rule, OSHA has reduced the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for respirable crystalline silica to 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air, averaged over an 8-hour shift. To lower airborne silica created by construction processes, OSHA is requiring companies to add engineering controls to concrete, stone and other masonry cleaning and repair processes.

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Dustless Granite Stone Restoration is possible with Sponge-Jet

Projects involving granite substrates are a contractor’s most common kind of masonry restoration. Granite is a beautiful, durable stone  used on the interior and exterior of buildings, structures, and monuments.It has a Mohs hardness ratings between six and seven and therefore capable of withstanding the demands of everyday life.

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Stone Restoration with Dustless Sponge Blasting

The world of restoration is filled with a variety of materials. Since the dawn of time, humans have been using stone as a building medium. Unfortunately, no rock is the same. All vary in density, weight, hardness and thickness. From granite to marble, differences in composition must be a consideration when undertaking a stone restoration project.

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Duluth City Hall Gets “Deep Clean” with Sponge Media

Duluth City Architect, Tari Rayala chose Sponge-Jet as the solution to clean the Duluth City Hall’s high profile, travertine limestone interior walls. Nearly a century of cigarette smoke, “dirtier forms of heating” and oils from visitors bumping the walls, left obscured the creamy fresh look that the stone can deliver. Premium Plant Services and Sponge-Jet are teaming up to complete the cleaning and restoration of the two story project.

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