Sponge-Jet Blast Room Integrations Continue, less KwietKave Sound-proof Blast Rooms

Sponge-Jet is phasing out modular sound-proof blast room and dust collectors which have previously been part of our KwietKave™ product line. Sponge-Jet will continue to offer all other stationary blasting, vacuuming, recycling and reloading solutions –now called Sponge-Jet Custom Integrations™ replacing the KwietKave branding.

Demand for Sponge-Jet partial Integrated Systems without the soundproof room and dust collectors has out-paced demand for those with rooms.  Focusing our resources on the standardization of these units in a module based solution will serve a greater global market segment than bundling the rooms which required localization and permitting on a case by case basis.

Sponge-Jet President, Michael Merritt weighed in on the change, which will shift the focus to developing new modular stationary blast solution components suitable to be deployed easily in our global market without the delay and cost associated with the complete KwietKave package … “Our large industrial manufacturing customers have had great success using our integrated stationary systems as retro-fit solutions in their existing blasting rooms or newly designated spaces. As a result, we no longer feel one off investment of engineering time to bundle sound-proof rooms and dust collectors (which are technologies not core to Sponge-Jet) is the best use of our product development resources.”

Benefits of using Sponge-Jet Custom Integrations are:

  • Integrated vacuum enables media recovery and automated recycling of Sponge Media™ abrasives
  • Enhanced visibility during blasting provides improved safety monitoring and better, more consistent quality preparation
  • Easy integration into existing blast rooms, paint rooms or existing spaces
  • Complete systems are often less costly than a typical air handling systems for conventional grit-blasting rooms
  • No need or use for buried conveyors or raised floors
  • Mounts on existing, level floor

Currently For more information on Sponge-Jet Custom Integrations, click here.

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