Blast to the Past; Sponge-Jet technology helps Return Burnt Coat Harbor Lighthouse to Glory

This turn-of-the-century lighthouse, also known as Hockomock Head Lighthouse or Swan’s Island Lighthouse provided fisherman and their schooners a beacon for safe travel in busy Penobscot Bay (ME, USA) starting in 1872 and still acts as a navigation aid today. In 1988 the lighthouse was added to the Register of Historic Places. In 1994 the US Coast Guard deeded the light station to the Town of Swan’s Island and by 2000 the Friends of Swan Island Light began working on a long-needed preservation plan. The plan called for adaptive public use while restoring each of the four buildings including the light tower.

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Dustless Blasting, Low Dust Blasting and Sponge-Media™

Many abrasive blasting industry products claim to offer low dust, dust free, or dustless blasting. In reality, no blasting media is dust free. “Dustless blasting” is a term commonly used to describe blasting that creates less dust (or fugitive airborne emissions) than traditional blasting methods. Abrasive blasting products prepare surfaces by striking substrates at high velocities using large volumes of compressed air. Sometimes the volume of air alone can generate airborne particles without any blasting being done.

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