Proceed Cautiously when Replacing Blasting Abrasives with Hand-tools or High-Pressure Water

Check out this article published by Marine Maintenance Technology International that discusses potential pitfalls when choosing high pressure water and hand-tooling over abrasive blasting. Among them, the author addresses:

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Dust Control: Reducing Health Risks Associated with Abrasive Blasting

As it stands today, ordinary abrasive blasting substitutes continue to get hit hard by regulatory bodies around the world as well as by public interest groups due to associated health and environmental risks and impacts.

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SA3/Sponge-Jet Have Message for French Corrosion Engineers

Sponge-Jet distributor SAE (Champtoce Sur Loire, France) had a message for their local Corrosion Engineers at the Les Rencontres de la Peinture Anticorrosion exhibition held a few weeks back. You don’t have to compromise abrasive cleanliness levels and profiles in abrasive blasting- prohibited environments – or anywhere else for that matter. No need to use time-consuming hand-tools to create sub-par anchor profiles. You can achieve the highest cleanliness levels and nearly any profile… and even maximize the life of industrial coatings with Sponge-Jet Sponge Media™ abrasives technology. This was the message SA3 was projecting at their most recent corrosion engineering event.

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Journal of Architectural Coatings Re-runs Article on Historic West Virginia Courthouse

Joe Maty, Editor of Journal of Architectural Coatings (JAC) on popular demand decided to re-run an article on work architect David A. Kemnitzer and painting subcontractor Lepi Enterprises did using Sponge-Jet technology. The article was rel...eased on Technology Publishing’s Durability and Design, architectural portal ( The title and abstract follow. Check out the project. Paint Removal: Having a blast, gently Paint removal with composite sponge media lends power, precision to restoration program for exterior of historic West Virginia courthouse. Click the link below for the actual article (easy login)…

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Sponge-Jet Relocates; Expands Training and Technology Center

October 12, 2011 - Portsmouth, NH

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